U.S. torture doctors and psychologists

Northwestern University


The Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Northwestern University Medical School (NUFSM) will be screening Doctors of the Dark Side to the greater Chicago campus.
Location: NUFSM Williams Auditorium, McGaw Building, 2nd Floor, 240 E. Huron St., Chicago.
Admission is free.
Panel discussion to follow the screening with:
Frank Summers, Ph.D., Feinberg School of Medicine
John Raba, M.D., Director, Medical Services, County Jail Hospital
Matthew Wynia, M.D., AMA, Director of the Institute for Ethics
Co-sponsors are:
The American Medical Student Association
Physicians for Human Rights
The Jewish Medical Student Organization
The Islamic Medical Organization
The Catholic Medical Student Association
NUFSM Office of Diversity
The Christian Medical Association
Psychologists for Social Responsibility